Provide Stylish and Affordable Protection for Your Home and Business

Provide Stylish and Affordable Protection for Your Home and Business

Glass breakage is one of the biggest hazards in accidents. From a car crash to a thwarted robbery attempt, glass is the weakest point of a vehicle or building and tends to be the first casualty in any adverse event. With window darkening film and outward force, glass can cause severe injuries as shards and debris fly through the air and into anything, or anyone, in its path. On a smaller scale, home and car windows also are the first point of potential injury or harm. Smash and grabs in a car mean valuables or the car itself can be lost, and glass in windows or doors gives burglars a way into your home. This is where window security film can make all the difference.


Protect Your Family and Investments


Running your own business is a rewarding experience. That investment is worth an extra layer of security, and windows reinforcement film provides that. With various tints, colors, and finishes, the perfect visual match for your business also has the potential to lower heating costs and protect your property. Without the burning sun glaring into the windows and fading furnishings and goods, you offer customers a better place to come in and relax, getting them in the door to look at the goods. In major cities like las vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, and New York, the film provides an extra layer of protection by reinforcing the windows against burglary and robbery.


Save Money and Provide More Comfort for Your Family


The reduced heat coming in through the windows mean reduced costs to cool your house. And, with temperatures across the U.S. rising or being the hottest on record in the last five years, this can save you hundreds in energy costs. The film is constructed to have a sun protection factor of up to 285 and up to 99 percent of ultraviolet rays. For children, the elderly, and even pets, this can make all the difference between comfort and discomfort. In addition to guarding sun and glass breaks, it also provides privacy. You can focus on the activities in your home without worrying about prying eyes watching.


The Unexpected Doesn't Have to Be Damaging


In cars, glare and brightness of headlights are some of the biggest causes of swerving and potentially causing an accident. Having to look away means 3m window security film between missing that truck or not missing it. With window tints, the glare is reduced, letting you keep your eyes on the road at all times. Reinforced window film also prevents window shattering in the unfortunate event of an accident. In the case of an unexpected accident, you can drive easier knowing that there is an extra layer of protection against you, your family and the outside world.


Create best security window film for your family, customers and an extra layer of safety with window security film.
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